The Voice 2012 Ashley De La Rosa

As we continue our quest to get to know The Voice 2012 singers who will be performing for us live this coming Monday (!) we now take a loook at Ashley De La Rosa from Team Christina.

1) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Italy, I hear the food is awesome!

2) Who is your celebrity crush? Hmm…I would have to say…James Dean, but he’s dead so…probably Ryan Reynolds :)
3) What song is currently your guilty pleasure? We Found Love-Rihanna ft. David Guetta
4) Who would play you in a movie? A basketball player but I don’t know how to play so I’ll act like I can play! ;)
5) What’s your favorite song from your coach? Mercy on me
6) What was your first concert ever? Christina Aguilera
7) Tattoos? Onebehind my ear it says “sisters” in Arabic and all my sisters have one…I didn’t ask my parents before I did it, I will never do another rebellious thing in my life again! I have leanred my lesson!
8) My last text message says: Love is like candy on a shelllll-my friends and I like to quote movies, guess where that’s from!
9) People would be surprised to learn that I have ____ on my iPod. Corey Smith, Avenged Sevenfold and Ella Fitzgerald
10) My coach in 3 words: Funny, beautiful, talented

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