We bet you didn’t know Team Adam’s Angel Taylor has a tattoo on her wrist? Or what her favorite song by her mentor is? You can find out those answers and more about The Voice 2012 contestant in her Q&A straight from NBC.

1) If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? I’ve got such a love for Europe, the east coast, and the midwest. It’s such a hard toss up because I love all of those places for so many different reasons. But probably Europe, because its the most exotic of them all, and I haven’t been in a couple years. I’m dying to see Switzerland again, and visit France and London. And Sweden. Ah, just thinking about it makes me happy.

2) Who is your celebrity crush? Ooo, I’ve got a few of those. But forever and always… John Mayer. I’ve loved him since I was 13. No secret there. He’s the cake. His talent, his style, his music, his voice… Love that guy. And Ed Westwick, ah.. Ed Westwick. There’s a few more but those come to mind.

3) What song is currently your guilty pleasure? Probably “On the Way Down” by Ryan Cabrera. I laughed at myself for blaring it down Highland Blvd. with no shame the other day. His first CD was one I obsessed over for a while as a teen. Him, and Dashboard Confessional. There’s one you’d never guess…

4) Who would play you in a movie? That’s a toughie. I don’t think of anyone who’s famous as someone that resembles me, ha. But people have tossed around Zoe Saladana, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Szchor… (random because she has green eyes) But, maybe one of them?

5) What’s your favorite song from your coach? Oo, I love Adam’s voice so that’s hard to say. Songs About Jane record I love, across the board. When ‘Misery’ came out, I was all over it, and then the acoustic version of it!?!! Brillance. Can’t pick one.

6) What was your first concert ever? John Mayer- Irvine Ampitheater

7) Tattoos? One. In my handwriting “forgiven” on my right wrist

8) My last text message says: “It’s going well. Back home until Sunday. My moms dearest friend (basically my grandma) is having a cookie exchange and my aunt came down for it, so I might go see them. My place is so cold. How are you?”

9) People would be surprised to learn that I have ____ on my iPod: Brad Kane’s “One Jump Ahead” and “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. Don’t judge me.

10) My coach in 3 words: gorgeous, genuine, genius.


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