The Voice 2012 continued its Blind Auditions this week and Teams Christina, Adam, Cee Lo and Blake continued building their teams for the season. We’ve heard a lot of great singers and now that they’re moving on to the Battle Rounds, let’s get to know some of them a little better with more of the After The Blind Auditions Interviews.

Christina Milian has all the post-audition interviews with the contestants and here are some of our favorites so far.

Todd Kessler’s confidence stood out along with his voice during his blind audition. He talks to Christina Milian about his lack of nerves.

Melanie Martinez’s unique singing style grabbed the coaches attention during her audition and now she shares her goals. It’s not fame or fortune she’s after. She says she just wants her music to touch people’s hearts.

Nicholas David might not look the part, but he sounds it. He talks to Christina about joining Team Cee Lo and what he had hoped would happen coming into the Blind Audition.

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