This week The Voice 2012 continued its Blind Auditions and Teams Blake, Christina, Cee Lo and Adam continued forming their teams. We’ve heard a lot of great singers and now that they’re moving on to the next rounds, let’s get to know some of them a little better.

Christina Milian has all the post-audition interviews with the contestants and here are some of our favorites so far.

Collin McLoughlin dropped out of grad school to pursue his music career and it looks like it might have paid off.

Emily Earle says she was nervous but you would never have known it from her audition and Cee Lo agrees. She’s now Team Cee Lo.

Mycle Wastman was one of my favorite auditions this week. He also had some of the coaches battling for him. He too went with Team Cee Lo. Find out his thought process with that.

The Voice 2012 Bind Auditions continue next week.

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