The Voice 2012 Battle Rounds concluded this week and next week we head into the Knockout Rounds. But first, we’ve got more post-battle interviews with some of your favorite contestants.

It was one of the best performances of the night, so it came as a shock to everyone that Brandon was not “stolen” after Nicole was declared the battle winner. Even Nicole shares her sadness that Brandon will not be moving on in the contest.

Kelly and Michaela’s battle wasn’t my favorite, but their after-the-battle interview was insightful. They learned a lot from each other and their coach. So they both gained something from it.

Unlike the others, Avery and Chevonne both had something to celebrate after their battle. When Avery was declared the winner of their battle, Christina Aguilera used her final steal on Chevonne. So she’s now Team Xtina.

We didn’t see Joe and Samuel’s full performance, but we’ve got their after-the-battle interview. The two discuss their time on The Voice, the friendship they made with one another and what’s ahead for them.

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