Update for 2012: Check out The Voice Season 2 voting methods.

So we’re ready for The Voice live competitions tonight on NBC at 9PM ET/PT, but there have been few details on how the surrounding voting would work. Most of those questions are answered in the video below.

You’ll be able to vote on NBC’s site, using NBC Live (another website from NBC), by phone, and this last one is really cool because every time you download one of tonight’s performances from iTunes that will also count as a vote. I bet American Idol is wishing they thought of that one!

The limit is ten votes for each of those methods so choose wisely.

The question not answered in the video below is what’s the time frame for voting. Heck, I’d even like to know when we’ll find out the results because right now it seems like it’ll be a full week before we get that news…

Update: Voting for The Voice will be open until next Monday at 10AM.

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