Carson DalyNot only is The Voice Season 3 getting a new premiere season, it’s getting a couple of other tweaks as well, according to host Carson Daly.

Daly shared his thoughts on the upcoming fall season of The Voice with TV Line and here are the highlights:

  • Battle Rounds Shakeup: “We’re tweaking the Battle Rounds a little bit for Season 3,” Daly said. “The best way to categorize the changes is that we’re playing with some potential interchangeability.” (presumably, that means the coaches might have a chance to steal a contestant from another coach.
  • Cutting the Fat in the Live Rounds: “We had too many people in the live rounds, and it was hard to keep track of them, and it was hard to fall in love because there were so many,” he said. “One of the things Mark Burnett excels at, his production company excels at, is telling stories. And [in the case of The Voice], these stories are so cinematic and they tug at the heartstrings. When we get to the live shows, we want America to be a little more invested in fewer singers.” He also says to expect an increased number of performances from individual contestants by the time they get to the finale.
  • Additional Blind Auditions: The blind auditions are clearly the best part of the show and NBC has taken note. Daly says The Voice will be on three hours  a week (Mondays and Tuesdays), so that means more blind auditions. “We just shot it,” says Daly. “It’s five days where I’m out of my mind.”

Hmm. Three hours a week? Sounds like overkill to me. But that’s how it works. American Idol runs too long each week, so why wouldn’t The Voice. Ugh.


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