Carson DalyDisappointing news for the 2012 The Voice season coming out of last week’s press event with Mark Burnett: Carson Daly will return.

Last season there were plenty of little issues to smooth out, but the biggest one for me was the wooden, boring hosting job delivered by Carson Daly. I had really hoped that over the year production would find a better replacement for Daly which wouldn’t be hard considering his performance. Instead he’ll be back for sure along with even more duties.

Carson Daly will be a producer on the 2012 season. His publicist reminds us that Daly held producer responsibilities on TRL back in the day, so he’s been down this road before.

Maybe we’ll all luck out and I’m just reading too far in to this. Could Daly have been pulled off the stage and in to the production room to play out his contract while opening a spot for a host with a pulse? Nah, probably not, but it sounds nice.

Source: THR

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